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Engineers with at least 5 years of work experience may qualify as National Interest immigrants for the United States. GC4Engineers Team can help you obtain a Green Card. 

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The EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) visa allows experienced engineers to obtain a Green Card without the need for a job offer from an American company sponsoring their visa.

The immigration lawyer will prepare and submit your case to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, independently of Labor Certifications. By fulfilling the academic and professional capabilities designated by the USCIS, the engineers indicate that they are a professional of national interest.


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If you have an engineering degree of 4 years and a minimum of 5 years of working experience and would like to schedule a free informational meeting, schedule a free informational meeting.


After scheduling your meeting, please send us your CV at

About Us


We help experienced engineers to obtain the Green Card through the EB2(NIW)

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1. Why GC4Engineers?

We have made extensive research in the immigration field, talking with some of the best immigration lawyers with specific experience helping engineers in obtaining the Green Card.

We facilitate and speed up the collection of your data to assist in the checking of your eligibility for the Immigration Visa and will schedule your first informational meeting. The first meeting is allocated to give you an overview of all the application process possibilities, answer your personal questions, and inform you about the costs.

After you have chosen to apply for the Visa, the GC4 Engineers team will assist you with documents collection to ensure a smooth and swift execution until the petition is sent.

2. What are the minimum requirements to apply for the EB2(NIW) visa as an engineer?

The immigration lawyers that we recommend, will only accept to represent an engineer with at least 5 years of working experience in his area.
For specific information about the EB2(NIW) requirements please check the USCIS link on question 12.

3. Do I need a U.S. diploma to get the Green Card?

No. Your national diploma, professional and academic experience prior to the application is enough as long as it can prove the required experience as a pilot.

4. What are the main steps to obtaining a Green Card?

There are two main steps. First, there is the application for the eligibility to immigrate to the US, in which you will have the support of the GC4Engineers team. The USCIS will then answer with an approval notice. The average time is 11 months.

The second part starts when you decide to move to the United States, after paying Consular fees and declaring your intent to live and work there. You can take up to 1 year to make the decision of getting the Immigrant Visa, once the immigration visa is stamped in your passport you will have 6 months to travel to the US in order to receive the Green Card and Social Security Number.

5. How long does it take to get the Green Card?

After the application is sent, the USCIS offices answer your immigration eligibility in the average time of 11 months.

6. Are there limitations to leaving the US after acquiring the Green Card?

There are no limitations on crossing the US border after you obtain your Visa. However, it is highly recommended to issue a reentry permit, by filing Form I-131, if you are leaving the US for more than a year.

7. How can I be eligible to become a US Citizen?

You can apply for US Citizenship 5 years after obtaining your Green Card as long as have stayed 50% of that time in the US (2.5 years).

8. Does my family get the Green Card too?

Yes, your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 can get a Green Card with the same petition.

9. Can I parcel the cost of the immigration law firm?

Yes, during your first meeting it will be explained to you the different payment options.

10. Where can I find official information about the EB-2 (NIW)? 

For official information about the EB-2 (NIW) and the basic requirements of eligibility please check the
USCIS website.

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